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Granulate for the manual cleaning and cold sterilisation of medical instruments and endoscopes on the basis of peracetic acid

Product information

Water-soluble granules for cleaning and disinfection (cold chemical Sterilisation) of medical and surgical instruments and equipment on the basis of peracetic acid. The granules have a wide microbiological activity, are odourless and remove bloody and oily residues. With its high material compatibility ULTRASEPTIN® classic is also applicable for the manual cleaning and disinfection of thermostable and thermolable medical instruments incl. flexible endoscopes as well as for ultrasound baths. ULTRASEPTIN® classic has been tested on Karl STORZ and OLYMPUS endoscopes.

Microbiological activity

  • Bactericidal (incl. MRSA)
  • Yeasticidal and fungicidal
  • Virucidal (DVV/RKI)
  • Mycobactericidal
  • Sporicidal
  • With high organic load: 2% - 15 minutes.


  • 1000 g can
  • 5 kg bucket