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Concentrated disinfectant and cleaner for surfaces and non-invasive medical devices as well as for canteen kitchens and food processing industry

Product information

DESRESON® AF is a concentrated disinfection cleaner for non-invasive medical devices

  • for non-invasive medical device surface and furniture
  • suitable for surfaces made from glass, porcelain, metal, rubber, aluminium, and acrylic glass. May also be used for synthetic respiratory masks as well as for sponge electrodes in the electro therapy.
  • Avoid contact with aldehyde-containing cleaning and disinfecting agents. It is recommended that when an aldehyde containing product has been used previously, cleaning should be performed before use of DESRESON AF. Aldehydes and amines can react with each other and cause discoloration.
  • free from aldehyde and phenol
  • VAH listed

DESRESON® AF is also available perfume free named as GIRO for the application in canteen kitchens and food processing industry.

  • for kitchens and hospitals, residential homes, restaurants, and hotels as well as for butcheries and other food processing companies.
  • for ventilations systems, kitchen equipment, waste containers, sanitary equipment
  • keeps reliably away all kind of smell
  • algicidal, anti-moulding
  • applicable in mobile lavatories as disinfectant and cleaner
  • recommended and tested on its material compatibility by Siegling GmbH for HACCP assembly lines used in the food industry
  • VAH listed

DESRESON® AF and GIRO are both available as concentrate and ready to use solutions. Tested for material compatibility with acrylic glass by Röhm/ Darmstadt. Tested and approved for the application with noraplan® and norament® floorings (nora systems®) made of natural rubber. Free from aldehyde and phosphate.

Microbiological activity

  • Bactericidal and yeasticidal without organic load: 1% - 15 min.
  • Bactericidal, yeasticidal and limited virucidal (according to DVV/RKI) with high organic load: 5% - 1 min., 3% - 5 min., 2% - 15 min., 1% - 60 min. and 0,5% - 4 hours.
  • Tuberculocidal with high organic load: 5% - 5 min, 3% - 15 min. and 1% - 60 min.


  • 500/1000 ml spray bottle (solution)
  • 500/1000/2000 ml bottle (concentrate)
  • 1 liter dosing bottle (concentrate)
  • 5/10 liter canister (concentrate)