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Dispenser ManuDos


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Wall dispenser for hand disinfectants, wash and skin care lotions

Product information

The arm lever dispenser ManuDos is designed for professional use in hospitals, doctors' practices as well as in the food processing industry, canteens, kitchens, hotels and public sanitary areas. Easy and comfortable in application, it guarantees a high hygienic standard.

The dosage is easy to adjust between 0.5 and 3 ml. The pump can be easily changed through removal from the front, changing the bottle is as simple and quick as handling and cleaning of the dispenser unit. With the mounting parts, instruction sheet and manual included in each delivery,

ManuDos is easy to install. The dosing amount is adjustable to approx. 1 to 3 ml per actuation. The arm lever dispenser can be equipped with our disinfectant (ESEPT® and ESEPT® V as liquid or gel), with liquid soap (esteer® MED and esteer® SOFT) or with skin care lotion esteer® LOTION. The easy to handle 1000ml dispenser bottle system ensures product safety and high hygienic standards required in the medical field.